All Kinds of Games

 We play most forms of wargames, including Black Powder, Impetus, Warmaster Ancients, Cold War Commander, Check Your 6, Blue Max, Age of Eagles, you name the game system, we probably have members that have played it.  Probably the best thing about coming to a wargames club is the opportunity to play a game that you simply would not be able to do at home.  Here at the Leeds Wargames Club we recognise this and so we have filled and entire shed with matts of all colours, hills, trees, buildings and terrain features of all scales and sizes. 

Where and When

The Club meets every Wednesday at the New Headingley Club on St Michael's Road in Headingley, Leeds, not far from both the Rugby and Cricket grounds.  Club nights start around 7.00pm and is usually finished about 11.00pm, the club has a well stocked bar at very reasonable prices and a large car park.  For those using public transport, the area is well served local buses from most parts of Leeds.  

Our Facebook Group has details of game nights and special events along with links to things we find interesting, this sometimes includes tanks, cats, and cats in tanks   We meet at The New Headingley Club, 56 St Michaels Road, Leeds, LS6 3BG.  

About Us

Leeds Wargames Club has been around since the early 70's, and run FIASCO, a gaming convention with a wide selection of both traders and games from around the country, every year at The Royal Armouries. 

We are always the last Sunday of the month of October, just as the clocks go back (so we get an extra hour in bed, see forward planning works!) 

Games: Home and Away

A selection of the games that LWC put on at the club, at conventions, or are brought by other societies to FIASCO